Oral Sedation

Oral sedation can be the solution for the fearful dental patient.  The patient usually takes a pill about an hour before treatment. The patient becomes very calm and relaxed and doesn't  have the thoughts to be nervous or react to sounds and activities around them that would have otherwise made them feel uncomfortable or stressed. The effects can last for up to four hours or more and at times additional medications may be given to prolong or deepen the level of conscious sedation. The major effects are total relaxation and little or no memory of the treatment session. A patient is constantly monitored for his or her individual response. 

Advantages of oral conscious sedation include: It is easily administered (no needles), generally has a low incidence of side effects, the patient can breathe independently, and the patient retains the ability to interact with and respond to the dentist and staff. Patients remember little or none of the time spent under treatment.

Who is a candidate?

Adults usually 18 yrs or older who:

  • Have a high degree of fear of having dental treatment completed
  • Are embarrassed about their mouth
  • Hate needles
  • Have a difficult time getting numb or gag easily
  • Have very sensitive mouths
  • Need to have their treatment completed in as few appointments as possible
  • Just don't like coming to the dentist